** All Chef’s special and specialty dish may take at least 20 minutes to prepare **

124. Yum Thai

Fresh vegetables mixed with peanut sauce and mayonnaise topped with boiled eggs and deep fried tofu.

123. Yum Tao Hu Thod Krob

Thai salad made with crisp chunks of fried tofu, chilli, mint, coriander and fresh lime juice.

122. Larb Tao Hu

Tofu cooked with chilli powder, ground roasted sticky rice, lemon juice, coriander, onion and galangal served with on a base of fresh salad vegetables.

121. Tao Hu Phad Ka Prao

Tofu stir fried with fresh chilli, garlic and Thai basil.

120. Tao Hu Phad Phak Ruam Mit

Tofu stir fried mixed vegetables with soya sauce.

119. Tao Hu Pad Phed

Tofu stir fried in curry paste with fresh green beans, kaffir lime leaves and sweet basil.

118. Tao Hu Pad Khing (Ginger)

Tofu stir fried with fresh ginger, dried mushroom and vegetables.

117. Tao Hu Phad Prik Sod

Tofu stir fried with fresh chilli, vegetables and chef’s special sauce.

116. Tao Hu Phad Priaw Warn

Tofu stir fried in a sweet and sour sauce.