** All Chef’s special and specialty dish may take at least 20 minutes to prepare **

12. Tao Hu Thod Peanut Sauce

Deep fried tofu served with peanut sauce.

11. Phak Chub Paeng Thod Tempura

Mixed vegetables deep fried in a light Tempura batter.

10. Entree’ Ruam Mit For 2 People

A tantalising mix of deep fried mixed vegetables, Thai spring rolls and vegetables in chilli paste.

Vegetable & Tao Hu (Tofu)

9. Curry Puffs

Deep fried minced chicken with onion and kumara in puff pastry.

8. Pork Spare Ribs

Sweet and Tender deep fried pork spare ribs with chef’s special sauce.

7. Thai Spring Rolls

Homemade vegetarian roll served with sweet chilli sauce.

6. Toong Thong Golden Money Bags

Wrapped mince chicken, potato and Thai herbs served with sweet chilli sauce.

5. Chicken Satays

Skewered tender grilled chicken pieces served with chef’s style peanut sauce.